Join the 1 week - Online FUNDRAISING BOOTCAMP

Anyone can raise funds with the right strategy from 8th to 12th March 2021

Get ready to raise funds now!

Raising funds is a big challenge for every founder. Luckily, there are so many different opportunities out there to get money. All it requires is a clear understanding of your proposition to investors and an appropriate funding strategy. The experts of BV4 will help you develop a clear funding strategy

After an intensive 1 week program with online sessions in the morning and evening, you will:
• Know which funding opportunity fits your company
• Understand how investors assess your proposition with strengths and weaknesses
• Have a clear strategy and way forward to raise funds
• Be able to finalize your pitch deck, finish the deal room and any remaining documents

Additionally: The best proposition will get the opportunity to apply for a CHF 100.000 investment from the Swiss Startup Rookie Fund.

Apply now! Participation is limited to a maximum of 10 Startups.

This is a unique opportunity for you to raise funds - join today!

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Create your own funding strategy by assessing the pros and cons of each available funding channel


Each day you will learn about crucial parts to achieve a successful funding round


Each day you will have a personal coach to assist you by giving you feedback and answering your questions


BV4 will perform an assessment of your business and explain the risks and opportunities from an investor's point of view.


  • DAY 1 - Monday, 08.03.2021

    - Welcome & Intro
    1)  Opportunities to raise funds
    2) Assess your SWOT
    3) Define your strategy to raise funds
    4) Decide on investor type

    10-6pm - Individual work on your strategy.
    Talk to assigned coaches if needed

    6-7pm - Back online: Q&A
  • Day 2 - Tuesday, 09.03.2021

    8-10am - How to approach investors? Who are your target people?

    10-6pm - Individual investor search according to the strategy. Talk to assigned coaches if needed

    6-7pm - Back online: Q&A
  • Day 3 - Wednesday, 10.03.2021

    8-10am - What is a dataroom and what documents (pitch deck, financials, valuation, etc.) do I need?

    10-6pm - Individual document review and identification of what is missing. Talk to assigned coaches if needed

    6-7pm - Back online: Q&A
  • Day 4 - Thursday, 11.03.2021

    8-10am - Write applications for the matching type of funding and prepare to present to the Investment Committee on Day 5

    10-6pm - Individual writing of applications. Talk to assigned coaches if needed

    6-7pm - Back online: Q&A
  • Day 5 - Friday, 12.03.2021
    8-12am - Present your approach to the “Investment Committee” of BV4 (30 minutes for each startup)

    12-1pm - End of Bootcamp

    Price: CHF 790,00 (excl. VAT)



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