BV4 advises accroma labtec in its pre-Series A round

BV4's valuation experts Vuk Vegezzi and Christian Bückle held a masterclass around the topic of valuation at the Startup Days in Bern in May 2022. Review the session from and download the handout below.

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History of accroma labtec

accroma labtec is a revolutionary company that proposes the new standard for automated sample preparation of solids for analysis. The company's solution is a fully automated and cost-effective system that can prepare a wide array of solid samples for separation analysis. The company has a global distribution network and tier-one clients such as Novartis, Syngenta or AstraZeneca.

Transaction summary

BV4 acted as an independent fundraising advisor to accroma labtec for its pre-Series A funding round.This pre-Series A round is funded by a diversified group of new investors as well as all current shareholders that decided to follow-up on their first investments. The purpose of this funding round is to meet the growing demand to prepare the company for a large Series A that will take place in Q3 2021. Stefan Gafner, CEO, commented “This fresh increase of capital will permit us to meet our growing demand and accelerate our growth. We are very pleased that our past shareholders decided to follow-up and that we onboarded new investors that bring smart money to the table. We look forward to our Series A that will allow accroma labtec Ltd. to accelerate its scale-up process.


More on the collaboration between accroma labtec and BV4:

"After BV4 evaluated our company, we decided to hire them as professional coaches, sparing partners and advisors for our upcoming pre-series A and subsequent series A funding rounds. Even though we already had a lot of documentation ready, BV4's work has taken us to a whole new level. Their experience and knowledge has greatly contributed to the quick completion of our pre-Series A funding round and we are optimistic that we will also successfully accomplish our upcoming Series A with BV4's help."

Stefan Gafner, CEO

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Wednesday, April 14, 2021