BV4 advises Green-Y on its Seed fundraising

BV4's valuation experts Vuk Vegezzi and Christian Bückle held a masterclass around the topic of valuation at the Startup Days in Bern in May 2022. Review the session from and download the handout below.

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History of Green-Y

Green-Y was founded in the 2017 by four co-founders Rafik Barhoumi (CEO), Patrick Baumann (CTO), Peter Fritzen (CFO) and Dominik Schnarwiler (COO). Together, they have developed the future of energy storage systems and founded Green-Y Energy AG in March 2020. The strong complementary skills of the team ETH and engineering backgrounds combined with a business background, +20 years industry experience and track record of a successful start-up in the energy industry build a solid foundation for the initiative.

Transaction summary

BV4 acted as an independent fundraising advisor to Green-Y for its seed funding round. The deal amounted CHF 825'000, composed of 51% of dilutive funds and 49% of non-dilutive funds. From the equity perspective, three Swiss private business angels and a Swiss financial entity gathered CHF 425’000. They will support the team in strategy and business development and join the board of directors. On the other hand, the financing round was completed by CHF 400’000 of non-dilutive funds granted by the Swiss Climate Foundation, the Bern Economic Development Agency and the Foundation for Technological Innovation.


More on the collaboration between Green-Y and BV4:

"We worked very successfully together with BV4 to prepare our seed financing round of CHF 825k. The experts of BV4 with their broad startup expertise were important to optimize our pitchdeck as well as the financials and become investor-ready. Based on BV4’s advise we have also received more insights into our valuation which enabled us to elaborate our fundraising strategy. Their services clearly helped us to successfully close the round and plan for the coming growth phase"

Dominik Schnarwiler, co-founder and COO

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Tuesday, August 4, 2020