BV4 supports EIT Health for its 2021 Startup Amplifier Program

BV4's valuation experts Vuk Vegezzi and Christian Bückle held a masterclass around the topic of valuation at the Startup Days in Bern in May 2022. Review the session from and download the handout below.

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Project Summary

BV4 acted as an independent startup expert for EIT Health's Startup Amplifier 2021 Program where we performed several due diligence and valuation of the program's incoming startup applications. Various startup cases from Seed to Series A in the field of MedTech, HealthTech and BioTech were analyzed and valuated. The experts applied BV4’s proprietary valuation methodology for early-stage companies and evaluated the startup cases on a holistic approach covering the commercial, financial aspect as well as the legal aspect through a legal self-assessment specifically created for the purpose of an efficient due diligence.


Thanks to the expertise and the engagement of BV4, the most promising startup cases could be identified and recommended to EIT Health. The European entity pursued in granting funding according to the calculated valuation by BV4. As a sign of trust, EIT Health has awarded BV4 with an ongoing partnership for their upcoming due diligence and valuation tasks.

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Monday, November 2, 2020