Partnership announcement with FONGIT

BV4's valuation experts Vuk Vegezzi and Christian Bückle held a masterclass around the topic of valuation at the Startup Days in Bern in May 2022. Review the session from and download the handout below.

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BV4 is very proud to announce its partnership with FONGIT (Fondation Genevoise pour l’InnovationTechnologique), Switzerland's premier innovation incubator.


BV4 and FONGIT will partner together to boost the Swiss startup ecosystem: “We wanted to provide independent evaluations of deep tech startups combined with insightful content for FONGIT’s Investors’ Digest” declared Emmanuel de Watteville - Head of Financing Programs at FONGIT. “This partnership is another milestone on our path to develop a professional and active investor community around FONGIT’s high calibre deep tech startups

Vuk Vegezzi – Associate at BV4 - states "We are extremely proud to announce that BV4 is partnering up with FONGIT, Switzerland’s premier innovation incubator. This partnership is another step forward for BV4 to continue our expansion throughout Switzerland and build bridges in the Swiss startup ecosystem."



The “Fondation Genevoise pour l’Innovation Technologique” –FONGIT, is Switzerland’s premier startup incubator supporting innovative tech ventures in Geneva.​ Founded in 1991, FONGIT has an excellent track record of building successful companies.​ FONGIT is a private, non-profit foundation, benefitting from the support of the State of Geneva.​ Its mission is to transform technological innovation into social and economic value in the Geneva region.

FONGIT currently supports 100 innovative companies representing 1000+ jobs in professionally equipped offices & laboratory space. Its entrepreneurs develop innovative ICT, Engineering, and Life Sciences companies.



Contact :

BV4 ltd.

Dorian Ebneter, BV4 CEO

+41 43 205 24 05



Antonio Gambardella, FONGIT Director

+41 22 552 30 00


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Wednesday, July 28, 2021