Swiss HealthTech report 2022

BV4's valuation experts Vuk Vegezzi and Christian Bückle held a masterclass around the topic of valuation at the Startup Days in Bern in May 2022. Review the session from and download the handout below.

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After two years amid a global pandemic that has affected and revolutionized the world of healthcare, BV4 has attempted to understand what the future of healthcare holds for four different clusters: Diagnosis & Therapy, Digital Health, Medical Devices, and Health IT.

To do so, BV4 approached a four-step methodology. First, we performed an internal analysis of our database of over 13’000 startups to better understand how the healthcare sector (namely HealthTech/MedTech startups) performed in 2021 vis-à-vis other industries. Secondly, we conducted an in-depth research to analyze the macro-trends that are driving and accelerating the world of healthcare to better understand the driving forces of the industry. Thirdly, BV4 collected the data from all venture capital transactions that happened in Switzerland in 2021 to identify tomorrow’s leading solutions. Finally, and most importantly, we conducted interviews with the leaders of tomorrow’s healthcare world to grasp their opinions on the future of their respective industries.

Above all, we would like to profoundly thank all the founders that participated in our interviews and extend our appreciation to all the startups that are pushing towards creating a better, safer, and healthier world by revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Thank you.

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Thursday, March 10, 2022