Financial modelling

Understand better the key financial and valuation drivers of your business according to your industry's unit economics


Be able to demonstrate investors that the unit economics of your business match the ones expected by your industry. Not only will this permit you to show your value to investors, it will also gain deeper understanding on how to structure the right strategy to execute your business model on the long run.


The future is uncertain and you must be prepared for numerous potential scenarios on how your business will perform. Modelling various financial scenarios will help you manage your business’ uncertainties and show investors that you are ready, no matter the situation.

increase the value of your startup

Knowing the composition and mechanics of your cash flows will help you better understand your funding requirements and most importantly your key valuation drivers which, ultimately, will help you increase the value of your startup.


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Success Story

"BV4 has developed our financial business model from scratch and helped to clearly identify our business drivers and the investment need for the next fundraising round. Appointing BV4 for this mandate was very valuable to us."