market intelligence

Understand better your venture industry and the movements of your competitors

Keep track of the startup market

The venture world is moving extremely fast and it’s difficult to keep track. We update you regularly on key developments of the industry clusters that you define. Receive specific market trends assessments and all venture development for funding rounds and transactions.

Get insights from your competitors' activities

It’s important to understand what your competition is planning and in what field they are innovating and investing. Based on our venture intelligence, we deliver you insights into the activities of your competition in the field of innovation and startup investment. 

Assess the market for your venture 

To better manage your portfolio companies, we perform an in-depth assessment of the market trends and the competition of your venture. We provide you with an update on how the market is developing and how existing and new competitors are performing.


Featured Client
Success Story

“BV4 helped us to improve our pitchdeck by creating an attractive story for investors and displaying the potential of our startup.”

"We worked very successfully together with BV4 to prepare our seed financing round of CHF 825k. Their services clearly helped us to successfully close the round and plan for the coming growth phase."

"BV4 has developed our financial business model from scratch and helped to clearly identify our business drivers and the investment need for the next fundraising round. Appointing BV4 for this mandate was very valuable to us."