STARTUP Valuation

Our proven and certified methodologies permit an encompassing and holistic independent and fair valuation analysis

know the STARTUP'S FAIR value

Knowing a startup's fair value is key to make sure that you get the right investment deal, whether you are a startup or an investor. A wrong valuation, no matter if it is too high or too low, can block future opportunities and therefore have significant impact on both investors and startups.

be confident when negotiating

Whether you are an investor or a startup, It is important to understand the key valuation drivers of the business valued. BV4 provides a structured and proven approach to value a startup and will guide you through the process. We want to make sure you are well prepared for your negotiations between startups and investors, from both sides.

establish successful and long-lasting partnerships

We believe that an investment is only the first step to building a long-lasting partnership between investors and startups. Our independent and objective valuation framework helps you build a strong foundation to your relationship.


Featured Client
Success Story

“We worked very successfully together with BV4 to prepare our seed financing round of CHF 825k. Their services clearly helped us to successfully close the round and plan for the coming growth phase.”