Peter Schmid

Senior Advisor

English, Swiss-German, German

Peter joined BV4 in the beginning of 2019 where he was the CEO of the company. He is an experienced Private Equity specialist with a background of more than 20 years in Consulting on Partner level. After a visit to Silicon Valley in 2015, he found his new direction in the field of Startups and digital technologies, a passion he followed from there on. So it was no wonder that he joined BV4 to be in the eye of the storm of the dynamic Startup ecosystem. Peter enjoys working with startups, Investors and corporations in Switzerland and beyond.

His favorite startup is Oxara from Switzerland, because the founders solve a global problem and really have an impact on people’s lives.

During his free time, he enjoys life with his family and loves hiking with his Labrador Ally.

“I have worked in many industries and companies, but nowhere did I experience such a high level of energy and passion as in the Startup world – and at BV4!”