Philipp Steinberger

Senior Advisor

English, Swiss-German, German, French

Philipp joined Swiss Startup Capital in 2019 as Head of Investors Club, leading the Swiss Startup Capital’s direct investment activities. While still being in charge of the Investors Club, Philipp joined the BV4 team in 2021 to support selected startups in their fundraising process.  

Philipp has been actively working in the Swiss startup ecosystem for almost 20 years focusing on direct investments, venture capital and corporate finance while building a strong network, know-how and track record. Prior to joining Swiss Startup Capital, he was the Managing Director of AquilaDirekt where he built an investment portfolio of 11 startups. Philipp is also Vice Chairman of the ISP Group, a FINMA regulated securities dealer.


In his free time, Philipp enjoys spending time with his family and traveling to South Africa and Ibiza.

"If Plan A didn’t work, remember that the alphabet has 25 more letters. Stay cool."